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Maximising The Potential Of Your Quantitative Survey

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

We often receive RFQs from clients that aren’t entirely sure how to get the most out of their quantitative medical research surveys. Their objectives are clear and the questions are defined, however we are regularly asked how to ensure that they maximise the potential of their survey.

How long should it be? What style of questioning will generate the most useful insights? Our advice differs greatly of course depending on the client, the objective and many other variables, however there are some key consistencies across the vast majority of quantitative research projects that we work on.

Long convoluted surveys can lose the interest of respondents and compromise your insights.

Try to keep the survey as short as possible – By ensuring that the survey is no longer than it needs to be, you are helping to keep respondents engaged. Long convoluted surveys can lose the interest of respondents and compromise your insights. Not to mention that this could help to keep your project cost effective. Studies have suggested that the ideal length for quantitative surveys is 10 minutes, and no longer than 20 minutes.

Restrict the use of Matrix Grids - On the face of it grids feel like a great way of combining multiple questions into one ‘actual’ question, as well as getting a scaled response rather than a closed one. The issue with Matrix Grids is that research has suggested they create more varied insights than other question formats. This promotes the thought that respondents are more likely to offer random responses, rather than thoughtful answers.

Substantiate your insights - Wherever possible, we advise our clients try to include a small sample of a secondary insight stream. Often this would be one or two follow up qualitative research interviews with the target audience to discuss the insights from the survey – this is to add collateral and confidence to your findings.


In-House Research builds bespoke surveys to meet your specific research requirements, and hosts them within our own secure website. Contact us if you'd like to discuss your quantitative research needs, and obtain a free cost estimate.

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