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Help Future Generations

Be rewarded for sharing your experience of illness and medications

Share the experience of your illness and medication by participating in medical research interviews. If you have hay fever or a chronic condition or anything in between, we want to hear from you. We will financially reward you for your time.

sign up to patient research

It's free & easy

It is free to sign up & takes less than 2 minutes

paid patient research

Get rewarded for your participation

You can choose the incentive payment method & we always pay you the day the interview is completed

patients help healthcare research

Help shape the future of healthcare

Sharing your experience & knowledge will help develop healthcare now & for future generations

medical research ilnesses

No illness too big or small

From contact lens wearers & diabetics to heart attacks & cancer patients we want to hear from you

patient market research choose

At your control

You decide which studies to take part in. Interviews are typically phone based & take 30minutes & we will always find a day & time to suit you

join patient research panel

Privacy & confidentiality

In-House Research is compliant with all European & US laws to protect your personal data. You will always remain anonymous

Choose to receive money or gift vouchers for your time

The incentive value varies by project and will be shared when we invite you to participate in an interview. Your chosen payment will always be made on the same day of the interview. 

Patient research fieldwork vid

In-House Research helps medical and pharmaceutical firms conduct medical fieldwork through the recruitment of healthcare professionals, patients and care givers. Watch our short video to understand the research process and how your contribution will make a difference.

Join our patient panel

Join Our Patient Panel

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