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the Future

Use your knowledge and experience to help shape the future of healthcare

healthcare research shapes the future

Help shape the future of healthcare

Your invaluable experiences will help shape the current & future development of treatment solutions & communications

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It's free & easy

It is free to sign up & takes less than 2 minutes

paid for medical market research

Get rewarded for your participation

You can choose the incentive payment method & we always pay you the day the interview is completed

select medial research projects

At your discretion

You decide what studies to participate in & when. Participation is always your choice & on a date & time that suits you

medical market research chat

Get closer to the action

Enjoy thought provoking conversations about ground-breaking developments

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Privacy & confidentiality

In-House Research is compliant with all European & US laws to protect your personal data. You will always remain anonymous

Join our panel

Join Our HCP Panel

Choose to receive money or gift vouchers for your time

In-House Research are always recruiting healthcare professionals from all fields of medicine and at all stages of the career lifecycle. We recognise that you are key to our success and for that reason we ensure that you are rewarded for your time in a timely manner.

The incentive value varies by project and will be shared when we invite you to participate in an interview. Your chosen payment will always be made on the same day of the interview. 

healthcare market research vid

Our short video explains how the process works

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