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Fast. Flexible. Global. Personal.

A one-stop shop for global healthcare recruitment

We understand that you cannot conduct research in a vacuum; you will need access to a spectrum of global healthcare professionals including, but not limited to; Consultants, Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), Surgeons, GPs, Nurses, Patients and Clinical Personnel. Our extensive database means we can find your required professional using criteria such as specialism, areas of interest, geographical location (UK and Worldwide), level of experience and language. This means you can speak to the most suitable candidates for your medical research.


With years of experience behind us, we know that there is more to medical fieldwork than just recruiting the right respondents. In-House Research offers a full range of services to support your research goals. We take care of all respondent communications and incentives. With In-House Research managing the administrative burden, you have more time to focus on the research and questioning.


Our services extend to:

paid market research



research recruitment and viewing

Viewing Facilities

market research surveys

Surveys &


medical research moderation


sign up for market research

Consent & Confidentiality

global healthcare research trans


medical research phone or web

Web / Tele Conferencing

transcribe research interviews


We specialise in recruiting leading healthcare respondents

We’ve built relationships with all of our respondents to guarantee reliability and loyalty.

market research doctors

Primary Care

GPs / PCPs & Nurses

With over 25 years of experience we have built an extensive list of medical practitioners from across the globe who are proficient at taking part in medical fieldwork.

General Practitioners, Practice & Community Nurses, GP Practice Managers

payor payer research recruitment


CCG Payors & Commissioning Leads

We can provide access to medical & pharmaceutical key decision makers alongside healthcare professionals, providing a one stop shop for your recruitment needs.

Key Decision Makers, Head of Commissioning & CCG leads

Surgeons  consultants medical research

Secondary Care

Consultants, Surgeons & Nurses

Comprising of NHS & private care providers we have developed a database of significant magnitude covering most, if not all, medical specialities.  

Consultants, KOLs, Surgeons, Nurses, Clinical Trial Personnel 

dentist research recruitment


General & Specialised Dentistry

We have expanded our database to cover a wide range of dental practitioners. This was undertaken to acknowledge the increase in demand for cosmetic dental treatment.

General Dental Surgeons, Specialist Dentists, Hygienists / Therapists & Dental Nurses

research fieldwork for pharmacists


Retail & Hospital Pharmacists

Our database contains an extensive list of pharmacists from different outlets & with varying levels of seniority. We can also provide details of their areas of expertise & length of service.

Retail & Community Pharmacists, Hospital Pharmacists

Patient research recruitment


Patients & Care Givers

Combining our database with that of our patient recruitment partners we can provide you with access to patients, parents & care givers worldwide from different medical backgrounds.

From contact lens wearers to those with respiratory diseases & every one in between 

healthcare research recruitment services

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