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Terms of Business

Quotations / Cost Estimates
  1. Quotations / cost estimates for HCP recruitment are calculated based on the number of respondents required and includes the cost of incentives, screening and project management.

  2. Quotations / cost estimates for jobs including a wider service (eg interview rooms, venues, catering) will include cost estimates. In-House Research will only invoice for actual costs +10% incurred which will be added as a separate line item in the invoice.

  3. All quotations / cost estimates are valid for 2 months from date of submission.

  4. All quotations / cost estimates are provided in GBP, unless specifically requested otherwise.


Invoices and Charges
  1. Invoices are payable in GBP unless previously agreed otherwise at quotation stage.

  2. Clients will have 30 days from date of invoice to make full payment by bank transfer.

  3. In-House Research will usually invoice at the completion of job. However, if the job is of considerable size, we will request 50% of the invoice amount upfront to cover costs.​


Cancellation and Change Charges
  1. If a project is postponed or cancelled after commissioning, In-House Research will still charge for work already completed.

    • Any respondent recruited at full recruitment cost

    • Unscheduled interviews at 50% cost

  2. Upon cancellation, a proportion of the recruited respondent incentives will still need to be paid to the healthcare   professional, depending on the level of notice received.​​

  3. Upon cancellation, any non-refundable venue fees will still be charged at cost +10% as dictated by venue/viewing company terms and conditions.

    • Within 24 working hours of interview at 100% incentive.

    • Within 24-48 working hours of interview at 75% incentive.

    • Within 2-4 working days prior to interview at 50% incentive.

    • Within 5-6 working days prior to interview at 25% incentive.

    • 7 working days or more prior to interview at 0% incentive.

  4. In-House Research reserves the right to charge a £20 alteration fee per interview when any changes are made to an interview after the cost estimate has been agreed per the original brief. Such changes include (but are not limited to):

  • Client unavailability for an interview slot previously communicated as open.

  • Switching from a telephone interview to a conference dial in or WebEx instruction.

Respondent Confidentiality
  1. 1. In-House Research understands that in many instances we have to reveal the respondent’s names and personal contact details. This information may NOT be shared or reused in any way. Specifically, as the client you agree to;

  • Never reveal the name of the respondent to a third party – it is permissible to say in a presentation ‘A surgeon from London said……’ but no names or place of work to be mentioned.

  • Never contact the respondent directly (except for the single pre-scheduled interview time). Any follow up questions must be communicated via In-House Research.

  • Never keep respondent details on record. Upon completing the interview, all clients agree to delete contact information within 24 hours.

Data Protection
  1. In-House Research adheres to the Market Research Society and BHBIA Code of Conduct, in particular the articles governing client and respondent confidentiality, data protection, adverse event reporting and the use of research findings. In accepting a quotation from In-House Research a client is deemed to agree to be bound by this professional code.

  2. Please click here to read our Privacy Policy.

In-House Research. Terms of Business. Last Updated 02/01/2018

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