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In-House Research goes green with a tree planted for every interview arranged

At In-House Research we believe sustainability is very important, for now and also for our future generations. To build upon our ethos, we are pleased to announce that we have

launched an on-going partnership with GreenTheUK to plant one tree for every research interview we arrange.

We are making this pledge for all respondent types we recruit for including HCPs, patients and vets, regardless of the research methodology; be it a phone interview, a web interview or participation in a focus group. The trees will be planted in the UK around local communities, however there is no limit regarding our global recruitment reach. For every international research interview we arrange, we still plan a tree.

Naturally as a healthcare research agency, we deliberated over the many different disease related charities that we could partner with (literally too many to choose from!). We felt that trees would provide a broad spectrum of benefits. As trees improve both mental and physical health, saving the NHS around £1 billion per year, this seemed like the perfect fit for our business.

Various research projects have explored several approaches to valuing the mental health benefits of woodlands, as referenced on the Forest Research website. The most noted and robust benefit is that of reducing depression and anxiety.

In-House Research is funding the plantation of 60 different species of climate-resilient saplings (baby trees) which in addition to the above health benefits, help conserve and boost wildlife biodiversity, improve air quality, reduce climate change and reduce carbon.

Look out for updates on how our budding forest develops. This will be our way of thanking our clients and fantastic respondents for collaborating with us on healthcare research projects.

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