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HCP Stories - UK Payer

We asked members of our research panel what it's like to participate in healthcare fieldwork with In-House Research. Here are the thoughts of a highly regarded UK Payer.

'As an NHS UK Payer, my job involves responsibility for medicines optimisation. My work includes pathway development and service improvement involving both primary and secondary care clinical engagement, at local and regional level. I also work closely with NHSE commissioned services and am a member of our Area Prescribing Committee.

I first started taking part in medical market research interviews via In-House Research a number of years ago, and have since participated in a wide range of projects. Historically these have predominantly been phone interviews, and more recently web interviews (via Teams, Zoom etc..). I have also completed online surveys, and taken part in various focus groups and workshops.

The healthcare research projects I have been involved in have covered a whole range of topics from nutrition to transplants, back pain, diabetes and more! More recently I have been able to contribute to research interviews on the topic of vaccines as they have become more prevalent.

My experience of interviews arranged through In-House Research has been nothing but positive. The discussions are always very interesting, with a prompt follow up by the highly professional team. I work with a number of research agencies, and find In-House Research to be very organised and responsive.

I have learnt a significant amount from my discussions, and have enjoyed each and every one – in particular a recent multidisciplinary renal workshop that was very interesting to contribute toward.

I look forward to participating in further research projects in the future!'


If you are a fully qualified medical professional and would like to join our panel for incentivised medical market research, you can sign up here. We hope to hear from you soon!

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