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HCP Stories - UK Ophthalmologist

We asked members of our research panel what it's like to participate in healthcare fieldwork with In-House Research.

Samer Elsherbiny is a Consultant Ophthalmologist, and highly valued member of the In-House Research HCP panel. We have worked with him for over five years, and here's what he had to say about his experiences with IHR to date!

"I have been a Consultant Ophthalmologist for 18 years. I treat general eye problems in adult patients, but I have a special interest in diseases of the retina such as age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retina. I also carry out cataract surgery. Many of my patients need injection therapies for their retinal conditions over extended periods of time.

Eye patients account for between 8 and 10 per cent of ALL NHS outpatient visits. This presents a huge challenge in terms of the increasing number of patients, with limited or no increase in staff or space. I work with a team of nurses, optometrists, orthoptists and technicians.

I have been working with In-House Research for more than 5 years, having been first contacted by them for one of their face to face projects at the time. Since that time, I have taken on numerous research studies working with them, including telephone, web-based, face to face and online video calls.

The interview topics covered a variety of subjects in ophthalmic care, for example, the use of different eye drops, choices of lens implants in cataract surgery, or the different drugs used to treat common retinal conditions.

While this is something offered by many companies, In-House Research are particularly proactive, swift in their replies and prompt in their payment, making the whole experience very conducive to working with them.

Apart from the financial reward, I always go away from any particular project with some additional benefit, be that having had time to reflect on some aspect of my practice, or getting additional insight about a new product service or research topic.

While some colleagues or other healthcare professionals may not consider healthcare market research work, I would strongly recommend they consider In-House Research for the reasons I mentioned above. As an individual HCP, you will benefit from the intellectual discourse, you will be paid for your time, in the format that you choose, and promptly!

I look forward to working with In-House Research on future projects."


If you are a fully qualified medical professional and would like to join our panel for incentivised medical market research, you can sign up here. We hope to hear from you soon!

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