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Flexible Fieldwork

In-House Research is a medical research agency

healthcare recruitment services
healthcare recruitment services
HCP research panel
patient research panel

We specialise in recruiting respected healthcare professionals and patients to participate in medical market research

Our full-service offering provides you with a ‘one stop shop’ for global, medical fieldwork. We conduct our business to the joint benefit of our clients and our respondents, giving us access to high quality, loyal respondents who are well equipped to participate in market research studies.


We have organised thousands of interviews in various formats to fulfil your research criteria and deadlines. Whether you wish to speak to your respondents over a quick phone call, face to face or you need In-House Research to conduct an online survey, we have the tools and systems to deliver.

What We Do

Medical Research Recruitment

Covering a vast range of recruitment categories for your medical fieldwork. With respondents from the NHS & private care sectors comprising of: Primary Care Doctors & Nurses, Secondary Care Consultants, Surgeons & Nurses, Payors & Commissioners, Pharmacists, Dentists, Vets, Patients & care givers.

Global Recruitment

We recognised that your fieldwork may need input from experts worldwide. That’s why we have extended our database to include respondents from across the globe.


Our geographical filter allows us to select healthcare professionals from Europe, America, Asia & more. 

Our Values

We have a unique approach that makes us stand out:

  • Personal: You will have a dedicated point of contact available 24/7.

  • Fast: Using our extensive database we can quickly connect you to Healthcare Professionals, patients & more.

  • Flexible: We make it happen, no forms, no fuss.

If you need advice on reaching the key influencers in the area of your study we are always happy to help.

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