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In-House Research Global Ltd is a limited company registered in England. Company Registration No. 11032765.

Registered Office Address: 3 Trubshaw Close, Horfield, Bristol, BS7 0AD, UK

As you may be aware, Insulet, the developers and manufacturers of the Omnipod® Insulin Management System transitioned to take over all customer support and product services in Europe from 1st July 2018. This enables Insulet to have closer contact and add value to people with diabetes and their caregivers in Europe.

As part of this transition, Insulet would like to understand more about your organisation, the current unmet needs and explore how they might work together to achieve shared objectives in advancing healthcare through strong partnerships.


In-House Research is conducting this 30 minute survey on behalf of Insulet to gain your expertise and perspectives to help form effective planning. All responses will be anonymised. Personal insights, opinions and perceptions representative of you and your members are welcomed, however please do not disclose any confidential information in text boxes. In acknowledgement for your time, we are able to provide £50/€50 honoraria for each respondent completing the survey. All participants will have the opportunity to receive a report of the key findings (commercially sensitive data excluded) of this survey, if desired.

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